Top Ten Halloween Ideas

halloween 3 Halloween Halloween 21. The London Dungeon: Late Oct. 31st – Take a journey back in time to the terror of the dark streets, spooky settings and thriller rides.

2. Phobophobia: 17th Oct-1st Nov – The ultimate spooky London Bridge Experience to unleash your deepest, darkest fears.

3. Club De Fromage: Haunted House of Horrible! October 26th – Treat yourself to a night out with your friends…but be prepared for a frights galore!

4. Halloween Disco: Dance MacabreNov 1st – Spectacular Disco experience on Ice, but this time with a scary twist. Take a trip down to Ally Pally during Shriek Week for your best Halloween event yet.

5. Asylum: 2.8 Hours LaterNovember 2nd – This is no ordinary maze. More like a thrilling zombie chase throughout the city full of borders, quarantine, and murder.

6. Zom Com All Nighter19th October – To truly enjoy the spirit of Halloween, watching scary movies all night is the perfect celebration. However, instead of your living room, try the Prince Charles Cinema..late at the dark..

7. Nature’s Nightmares Night Safari: October 31st – If you’re into history with a bit of a terrorizing twist, then come along to the National History Museum for a safari for sore eyes!

8. Draw Blood: Art Macabre Drawing Salon Halloween Special: October 29th – Halloween doesn’t always have to be mega scary, drop by this drawing event to pick up on some fantastic ghoulish drawing tricks & tips!

9. Halloween Ghost Walks: October 28th- 31st – Take a walk on the spooky side of life with these creepy ghost stories, visit two haunted spots and much more!

10. Boo @ The Zoo at ZSL London Zoo: October 26th-Nov 3rd – This Halloween inspired event at the zoo with impressive animal demonstrations, hands on activities, and fun for all ages is one you shouldn’t miss!