The Pride

The Pridethe pride 3 PRD-048 WhatsOn.inddS0 last week we went to see ‘The Pride’ at Trafalgar Studios starring¬†Harry Hadden-Paton, Hayley Atwell, Al Weaver and Matthew Horne. The Pride is a cleverly interwoven play that spans from the 1950s to the present day and addresses homosexuality through a tale of oppression, repression, present day stereo types and most interestingly perhaps – ¬†the possibility of being a product of the past. The flashes to the 1950s are expertly researched, and beautifully executed by Harry Hadden-Paton and Al Weaver and there is a firm sense of what it may have been like to be a gay man a this time. It was also harrowing to witness the lengths that people went to, to attempt to ‘get rid’ of homosexuality. Matthew Horne’s performances as a Rent a Nazi and later a wide boy newspaper hot shot, provided flashes of comedy that were bitter sweet. We particularly enjoyed gleaning the perspective of the woman in the love triangle and observing how her life pans out when we see her different choices as a woman of the present day. Hayley Atwell was a joy to watch through out and switched from a natural grace and dignity in the 50s to laid back genuine charm as the play focused in on the now. Her story gave the play the depth it needed to escape a literary stereotype of its own. This was an important choice by the writer, because essentially this play is not a play about gay people it’s about love, whatever the sex. It is about self love and loathing. It is also significantly a play about consequences, historical and present. It explores what it was like to lack freedom and choice and what it is like to have freedom and choice now, in equal measures and then carefully and touchingly examines the consequences of both.

There is so much to say on this play which we absolutely loved but as always – we are not here to give a full blown review of the piece – any plays or films we put up on the Handbook are ones we recommend so we don’t want to give it all away! We thoroughly recommend you check this play out – there are just over 2 weeks left of the play so get your skates on and we would love to hear your comments.


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