Not Just A Label – Lindka Cierach

Lindka 3Lindka Cierach was born into a Polish/British household on the 8th of June, in 1952. She was born and raised in Leseotho, Africa, but later decided to move to Paris to work for French Vogue. After a period of time, Cierach moved to London to study for a fashion degree at the London College of Fashion. Subsequently, Lindka began her apprenticeship with a Japanese designer called Yuki.

Heavily influenced by impeccable embroidery and beadwork, Lindka produced her first couture business in 1979.  Her first commission was extremely significant as it was for a wedding dress for a Bahraini princess which ultimately led her to an entirely new client base in the Middle East. In 1986, Lindka’s career flourished further as she designed the wedding dress of Sarah Ferguson the soon to be wife of The Duke of York, this commission exposed her talents to the world and launched her in to the spotlight.  She is quoted with regard to inspiration for the dress as saying:

“I wanted the Duchess of York’s sense of fun and joy to come out in the dress. One day I woke up in the middle of the night and had dreamed it, and that was it.”

This marked Cierach’s talent globally and she went on to become one of the biggest names in British Couture; it was the beginning of a long and esteemed career. Other notable creations include a dress made of chocolate and the world’s most expensive Abaya. A strong admirer of elegance and perfection, she worked (until very recently) with her design team in her own studio in South Kensington, London, continuing to pursue her passion by designing for the Royal family in England, Europe and the Middle East as well as international film personalities and celebrity clients.

Her unique talent and unstoppable passion fuelled her rise to the top of British couture, and attracted three generations of British and European Royal families, international stars and celebrities. Her designs range from chic day wear, red carpet gowns, beautifully tailored wedding dresses and provocative cocktail dresses and suits. She specialised in delicate feminine embroidery, lace and beading, which she pairs with an appreciation of luxurious and unique fabrics, creating flattering exquisite couture.

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