Not Just A Label – Georges Rech

GeorgesRech_AW1992_23_text georges r“Un vetement est une sculpture sur un corps de femme” – Georges Rech (a dress is a sculpture on a woman’s body) 

Georges Rech opened his luxury Parisian fashion house in 1960 a pioneer in stylish ready-to-wear; the label has since opened worldwide, with outlets in London and Hong Kong. His early coat and suit collections carried a strong, fairly masculine feel, however his style broadened and loosened in the 80s, his collections began to include bellowing dresses and short feminine skirts. Rech’s designs brought comfort and effortless style to everyday wear. In 1973 Rech created ‘Synonyme’, a popular collection of simple coordinated separates which established some classic Rech styles, including an elegant black panel velvet sweatshirt, worn over white crepe flair trousers.

The success of this collection, which perfectly illustrated the designer’s ideology of casual chic, allowed Rech to open a boutique in America in 1978, where his designs were well received. Perhaps his most recognised collection was the ‘Unanyme junior line,’ a knitwear and woven pieces collection which premiered in 1981. Rech’s designs reflected his philosophy of integrated creativity and wearability, he had an impressive ability to create pieces which had a timeless style yet felt relevant, modern and young, designed for and worn by the independent, ever changing, fashion conscious. He quickly became a respected figure in Parisian fashion, recognised for his clean cut lines and skilful tailoring; the designer was able to create pieces which people fell in love with. Georges Rech began designing sportswear early in his career, claiming that sportswear reflects truly the way people live and saying he “never wants to shut a woman up in fabric”.

During the 80s the fashion house expanded to include menswear and accessories lines, which echoed his classic, simple style. The company was bought in 1989 and Georges Rech relinquished both interest and investment in the fashion house. Following his departure from the company, Daniele Jargot took over the running of Rech’s top range label, for over two decades. The label has been bought and sold many times but the Georges Rech brand has remained decisively chic and elegant.

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