Not Just A Label – Frank Usher

During World War II, in the midst of bleak wartime rationing, armed with textile trading coupons, the company Frank Usher was born. The company got off to an impressive start, selling their first collection of tailor made dresses to a London department store, where the garments proved to be very successful. With the release of the Frank Usher collection coinciding with publicity on Dior’s new look; the hunger for couture style was on the incline and Frank Usher’s pieces settled in to the growing market quickly. Their success continued and the company soon began to establish international relationships. In the mid-1950s Frank Usher opened the doors to their first west end show rooms and it didn’t take long for the press to catch the Frank Usher bug. Vogue featured Usher dresses modelled by the luminaries of the day, including famed actress Kay Kendall and super model Barbara Goalen.

The 60s and 70s saw the birth of swinging London and far from being left behind, like many designers of the time; Frank Usher went from strength to strength. The company were stocking shelves worldwide, dressing celebrities, and styling the wardrobes for entire motion pictures including “Go to Blazes,” which featured Maggie Smith. During the 90s the company continued to expand its overseas market, exporting to over fifty countries. Frank Usher remains a successful business to this day. The company has expanded, now owning labels Coterie and Dusk.  Frank Usher produces couture, jewellery, red carpet glamour and bridal. Despite Frank Usher’s current, substantial success, it is vintage Frank Usher which is often featured by the press and remains collectible.  According to their website, a recent article on the Liberty’s vintage department cited Frank Usher as being one of the most coveted collector’s labels around.  Vintage Frank Usher is glamorous and unusual and can be relied upon to make a statement.

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