Not Just A Label – Franco Moschino

Moschino’s name is synonymous with a fun, outrageous and loud spirit. Often accused of being a rebel without a cause, he has ruffled a few feathers in the fashion industry, relentlessly mocking the fashion systems and high prices. The press has called him ‘Mr. Funny,’ ‘Ragazzo’ and ‘the Bad Boy of Fashion,’ however, beneath this persona, he was a very talented tailor and could quickly create classic pieces, each with his trademarked edge of irony and surrealism and visual puns. He created a dinner suit with a knife fork and napkin appliquéd on the bodice, a blazer with windmills for buttons and a jacket with ‘Waste of Money’ embroidered in place of a belt.

He was born near Milan in 1950, unfortunately his dad died when Moschino was only four but he found solace in art and sketching. Pursuing this passion he attended the Accademia di Bella Arte in Milan. To finance this he began sketching fashion designs and illustrations for fashion houses and magazines. This lead to the impressive start of his career as a sketcher for a Gianni Versace publicity campaign in 1971.

His career started well with this coveted campaign. He also took a designing role at an Italian fashion house Cadette. In 1983, Moschino left Versace and opened his own company, Moonshadow, in Milan, under his own label. His shows proved to be wildly successful. He was well liked and highly publicised by the press who enjoyed his playful nature and provocative statement pieces. However he did not gain respect from established fashion houses, as much of his work criticised them for their high prices and environmental issues within fashion manufacture. In 1994, his collection Ecouture was launched, featuring only environmentally friendly dyes and fabrics.

Moschino had an astounding sense of style and handle on shape and cut, his sense of what the public was willing to buy and wanted to see was impeccable. He was the epitome of fashion with a twist and his mischievous, clever, colourful personality shined through in his work. Unfortunately, he died before his time at the age of 44, after battling with AIDS. Rossella Jardini has been Moschino’s Creative Director since 1994. Responsible for the brand image and style, Jardini fulfils the role of “creative witness,” keeping the stylistic and philosophical approach alive following the death of Franco Moschino, with whom she collaborated from 1981. Rosella Jardii and Marco Gobbetti strive to preserve Moschino’s legacy of fun fashion, in the Moschino fashion house, still located in Milan. The brand consists of several labels: Moschino Couture (women’s and men’s main line), Moschino Cheap and Chic (women’s secondary line, created in 1988), Love Moschino (women’s and men’s diffusion line, known as Moschino Jeans from 1986 to 2008).

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