Lakwatsa: Bubble Tea Time

Bubble inside Bubble 3 Bubble 4 Bubble mainA stone’s throw from Portobello Road is the fabulous Lakwatsa which has recently introduced the latest craze for bubble tea lounges to our area. It serves a wide range of milk or fruit based bubble teas, served in trendy jam jars, with huge straws for sucking up the tapioca pearls. If tapioca pearls aren’t your style, you can opt for pop-in-the-mouth fruit juice balls instead, which are served generously. The menu, inspired by Filipino snacks, includes spring rolls, adobo rice balls or Japanese gyoza dumplings; they also offer a range of desserts, including Filipino favourites like banana fritters, leche flan and Halo Halo. We at Lime Green Bow recommend a milky mango tea with matching mango jellies, or a ‘nicki’ for the coffee lovers. Enjoy!

7, Blenheim Crescent
W11 2EE