David Bailey’s Stardust

Latest Bailey Latest Bailey 1What: ‘Bailey’s Stardust’  An Exhibition of a selection of David Bailey’s works over 50 years

Where: National Portrait Gallery (St Martin’s Place, London, WC2H 0HE) Getting to the Gallery

When: February 6th 2014- 1st June 2014

Entry:  Sat – Wed,10am – 6pm & Thu – Fri, 10am – 9pm  £7.25 with National Art Pass (standard entry £14.50)


Only 3 more sleeps until the first big photographic exhibition of the year, a curated selection of works from the fabulous David Bailey. Bailey has photographed everyone from Kate Moss to Jerry Hall to Mick Jagger. Known for his intense and all encompassing sessions his approach to photographing his subjects is to focus all of his attention on the person, ultimately leading him to fall in love with his subjects. Whatever his method (perhaps he is just one of those people who are simply sprinkled with Stardust), he has produced some astounding images portrait after portrait.

Speaking to the Telegraph recently he said:

“I’m a whore, I fall in love with them while they’re with me. Whether they’re a man- I try to keep away from dogs, or a woman. You just have to fall in love with people so they’re at the centre of your universe for that two or three hours or all day you’re with them.”


From February 2014, an exhibition will be held in David Bailey’s honour.  His fourth wife Catherine has played a major role in his previous works as well as in the making of this exhibit. Viewers can expect an entire room devoted to only portraits of her.  The exhibition in total will include 250 of his portraits, in addition to a glossy book reflecting the exhibit.

Sitters range from the glamorous to the impoverished, the famous to the notorious, as Bailey picks out the highlights of an illustrious 50-year career.

His selection includes icons from the worlds of fashion and the arts, such as Mick Jagger and Francis Bacon, as well as the people he encountered on his travels in Australia, India and Papua New Guinea.

Also included are pictures from his Democracy project, in which visitors to his studio were asked if they would agree to be photographed naked. Meanwhile images of those devastated by the famine in east Africa were taken in support of the Band Aid charity in 1985.

The photographer has made new silver gelatin prints of his black-and-white portraits especially for the exhibition.

There is also a new portrait of Kate Moss exhibited for the first time, as well as previously unseen images from his 2012 travels to the Naga Hills in India.


Not to be missed pleasure seekers!