About Us

Having collected statement clothing since childhood and inspired by the retro boutiques of down-town Manhattan, Clemmie started selling her one-off finds from her West London home under the pseudonym of Lime Green Bow. Vintage lovers in the know would frequent her in house boutique and very quickly fashionistas, stylists and magazine editors followed suit. A profile of Clemmie on the checkout page of Vogue propelled Lime Green Bow from a word-of-mouth enterprise to a badly kept secret and in 2013 Lime Green Bow got a new official home – an appointment only Showroom on All Saints Road in Notting Hill. From there, a part time shop space at 201 Portobello Road has followed which LGB now divides its time between through out the year.

Celebrated for her eye for the unusual, Clemmie has been sourcing Gladrags for the glitterati for over a decade and built up a diverse clientele from designers inspired by her unusual pieces to collectors of high end vintage, vintage hounds, newbies, museum curators and pop stars. Many of her pieces have been featured in magazines and Clemmie has worked as a creative consultant, fashion coordinator and stylist on various projects. She also does personal styling & sourcing. All pieces are sourced globally and hand picked by Clemmie. To contact her directly email clemmie@limegreenbow.co.uk


“I’m into the history and vibrancy of old pieces. There’s something about them that suits my personality and my attitude to life. I think clothing should evoke memory and emotion; each piece should have secrets of their own. I suppose I like to think of clothing as costume, to ask myself – who would I like to be today? Or more specifically, what part of me am I expressing, showing to the world? I love the theatricality of that.

I have always encouraged people to be playful, to be experimental, to mix casual with glam and, above all, to embrace and enjoy their individuality and peculiarities. That’s how my growing collection became a business really, I kept collecting and collecting and my friends kept asking to borrow my clothes and then more and more people turned up asking to borrow and buy things. Suddenly I had this room filled with clothes and people turning up on a Friday evening saying I need something for so and so’s party……it just sort of evolved. And over time and with a lot of hard work it’s become something bigger than that, something bigger than me, something I’m very proud of and grateful for. My clients are the absolute best, they are original and daring and courageous and opinionated and beautiful women, top women, VIBRANT and always teaching me more about myself.”


“First and foremost the piece has to excite me. I buy a mixture of interesting, quirky, unusual, well-cut, beautifully made statement & designer vintage clothing that appeals to a clientèle who wish to be experimental and exclusive with their dressing. My eye appeals to designers who are looking for unusual details or supreme cuts, something that is out of the ordinary and to stylists who think outside the box. My clients who buy to wear desire unique and interesting pieces, so even if they are buying items that are in-keeping with current trends, they want those pieces to be unique to them – to be sure that no one else will have them. Collectors like my mix of  documented collectible pieces often with provenance from timeless and well known designers and pieces I choose from lesser known forward thinking designers who I predict long term will retain and increase their value. I am influenced and inspired by so many things that I can safely say there is something for everyone at LGB.

In terms of designers I love, expect the likes of Ossie Clark, Jean Muir, Moschino, YSL, Valentino, LANVIN, Ted Lapidus, Sonia Rykiel, Dior, Lacroix, Comme des Garçons, Claude Montana, JPG, Versace, Gucci – oh and I’m into 1960s to Late 90s primarily.”


“A Bowgirl is an individual; she’s theatrical, glamorous, creative, stylish and adventurous. She is inspired by life, magazines, culture, street style and style icons. She believes every day is an occasion and desires something unique and fabulous in her wardrobe. Something different because she is different.”